How You And Your Partner Can Have Fantastic Sex!

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Dear Husband / Partner,

As you may know, there are lots of women who are not getting the pleasure they're capable of when they make love.

In fact, we know women actually expect much more than they're getting, and many of them express real frustration that sex is not all it might be. They also say that their men, no matter how well-intentioned, seem unable to put this situation right.

But the fact that you're reading this means you're different: you're not content to let matters stay that way. So, if you want to give your partner much greater pleasure, and you'd like to enjoy a much more active or rewarding love life, read on to find out why this information is absolutely crucial for you.

And this is the reason why....

There's no mystery to improving your love life. Just by using some simple strategies, the product of four decades of research by sex therapists and scientists, you can transform your relationship, improve intimacy, and enjoy the highest levels of sexual and emotional satisfaction. 

This information helps each of us to understand both men and women and how they relate to each other in relationships. When you apply these simple, straightforward steps to your own life, you can actually see the improvements unfold before you.

Please don't listen to those who tell you that improving the quality of your relationship is difficult, if not impossible: nothing could be further from the truth. I'm going to give you a set of step-by-step instructions which will let you put these amazing ideas into practice immediately.

These are a few of the ideas we'll explore:

  • The ways in which a woman dictates the energy and amount of a couple's pleasure
  • How your lovemaking can be more rewarding when you take it slowly
  • How to focus on getting greater pleasure for both partners
  • New techniques you won't have come across before
  • KISS - keep it simple and satisfying: the straightforward approach can often be the best!
  • And there are many more ideas for you:

  • Step by step advice that ensures your lovemaking is totally satisfying
  • Romancing her in the right way to break down emotional and physical barriers to intimacy
  • Ways to take her to the ultimate level of arousal
  • Overcome that sense of not knowing how to please your woman
  • A sure fire formula for female pleasure

    ...and much, much more!

    By now, you may be wondering if these improvements to your sex life can all be so easy. YES! The fact is, these changes are easy to make......and in a moment I'll show you how you can make them.

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    But what does all this do for you?

  • First of all, it gives you the profound satisfaction that comes from doing what makes a man feel good - satisfying a woman, giving her what she wants, and fulfilling her deepest needs.
  • Maybe more importantly, it gets you more & better sex - and even though you may still doubt the fact, giving her what she wants means she'll give you sex more often, so the truth really is - you'll have the best time ever in bed, and you'll have it a lot more often!
  • You'll become an expert in bed, giving her what she wants and becoming a powerful man in her eyes....she probably won't have come across a man who understands her needs as much as you do, ever before!
  • She'll have bigger and better orgasms, and her arousal will be higher - which means you'll enjoy yourself a lot more too!
  • You'll be stronger and better as a couple, you'll feel closer and more intimate, and you'll enjoy life a lot more when you have fewer disagreements.
  • Consider what a difference it will make when:

  • She's happier, more joyous, and a pleasure to be with
  • You share a lighter, happier relationship, full of intimate connections
  • You know the meaning of fun again!
  • Everyone looks on you as the model couple...and she tells all her friends what a great guy you are (that's what women do when they're with a man who knows what they want - and gives it to them!)
  • Emails sent in by readers say it all!


    "Rod, what a pleasure to read this information. It sorted things out for me - told me things I never knew about women, and helped me strengthen my relationship for the first time in months."

    Alex Fingall - Oklahoma


    "All this information is amazing - it's just what men need, but who the h*** ever tells us this stuff? Did we learn it from our dear old dads? Fat chance!"

    Mike Ransome - Coonawarra, Australia


    "My husband and I needed help, but we could not afford to spend the money for personal therapy.  What a blessing we found your information and decided to buy it - we have transformed the way we communicate and we're much more intimate and loving."    

    Mariah Janaslaowski - United States


    "You stress all the things that we women would like men to know, but somehow they just never seem to pick up on. Maybe it takes a man who has some authority and knowledge to make it clear to his brothers what exactly they should be doing! Slow down, get us aroused, find out how to make us feel special, and then enjoy the amazing effect this has on us   :>-)"

    Tracey Wynn - Brighton, UK


    "I want to give you the gold medal for relationship therapy! Men and women can really please each other - if only they understand how the other half works.....and thinks. Thank God you've explained it all at last!"

    Rodney Marsden - Blackpool, UK


    "I like the idea of freedom in a relationship, not being tied down to the expectations of your partner and struggling to please them even when you have basically no idea how to do so. When a man steps into his own power, he knows instinctively what to do and say to a woman, and boy, does she appreciate that change in him - wimp to man in one easy step! Nothing gets her so turned on as the power of a real man!"

    Bill McNeill - Edinburgh, Scotland


    "Women Come First" showed me how man and woman can really do what it takes in the bedroom to get total pleasure. I never knew how easy it could be to really fulfil a woman! Your eBooks are a pleasure to read, packed with essential information and "secrets" (I know you don't like that word, but how few men actually know these things?) that can transform relationships."

    Jonathan Boothroyd - London, UK


    No matter how experienced you may be in affairs of the heart, whether you're in a long term relationship or just starting out together, and even if you're "single and looking", you ARE very different to other men. Just by taking an interest in what satisfies a woman, you've shown you want to make your partner happy, enjoy a great sex life, and give her the greatest possible pleasure. How can you possibly please her more than this?



    With all good wishes,

    Rod Phillips