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"Rod, where have you been all these years, when I needed this information so badly? We were arguing so much about our relationship before we read your material, and yet now our life together is beautifully calm and relaxed....and life is looking great!"

Robert Gascoigne - New York

In this sequel to "Women Come First - The Secrets Every Man Needs To Know", you will discover the ways to bring simple but profound principles of mutual fulfillment to the sensual, physical area of your life. For example, how often have you been in bed with a woman who wanted one thing one minute and something completely different the next?  This is exactly the kind of situation you need to know how to deal with, so that even if she's not sure herself, you can take the lead and show her. There are also a whole bunch of essential facts which you need to know about women and sex in general, and how to pleasure a woman specifically.

In this eBook you will discover the two most fundamental principles in the bedroom.

Here are two extracts from the book:

Who gets most pleasure

A woman controls the limits

Sex Positions

Try out some of these exciting sex positions

And the fascinating coital alignment technique


Venus Factor Diet Plan

Ensure that your health is good before you start looking for great sex! The fact is, if you aren't feeling physically and emotionally well, the quality of your sex life will not be up to par. I've seen many couples who've allowed themselves to become overweight, unfit, and lazy. Their sex lives reflect that - slow, cumbersome, unsatisfying, and somehow just too much effort. I'd suggest you start with a weight loss program, and then try a healthy diet using wholefoods. Eat 2000 - 2500 Calories a day, and ensure that you do some fitness training and strength exercises. If you have specific conditions like gout, get help from either a doctor who knows what he or she is talking about, or a suitable program of home remedies. A gout diet can help you get the condition under control, and you're sure to enjoy sex more. The same applies to arthritis, high blood pressure, and other problems such as low back pain.

Extract 1

Who gets most pleasure...

"If you think that knowing how to get your pleasure is more important than knowing how to pleasure her, you are not going to have a great time in bed.

It's highly likely that many women reading this book completely agree with the idea that men should give more thought and attention to their partners' needs. And there will of course also be other women who think that such an approach is inconceivable: that there must be equality of pleasure. For those men who have problem of slow ejaculation - this may be useful information on overcoming ejaculation problems  such as delayed ejaculation.

The simple way to examine this is to see what actually works. Whenever men have their climax first, they feel worn out and not in the mood for further action - as you know if you're a man, you most likely want to roll onto your side of the bed and sleep. The alternative seems much more attractive: to have the woman climax several times, then for the man to get off more powerfully than you could ever have imagined possible. So what works is for men to defer their climax.

It's a simple fact that if a man 'gets off' and his woman doesn't, he will feel bad, perhaps he will feel like a failure, or that he has let her down, and this will spoil the mood immediately. Besides which, his excitement is pretty much dependent on how turned on she is: it's only going to be so-so for him if she isn't extremely turned on. A woman who is not thrilled by sex is not actually going to be very good in bed, while a woman who reaches her climax with energy and complete loss of self-control - including the noise she makes - is an amazing bed partner for any man.

When you think that you will be so turned-on by her responses that you will come much quicker and enjoy a much more powerful orgasm than you would with an average partner, you have some pretty impressive reasons why the focus should be on her pleasure. 

If you stop to think about it, you'll have had a session at some time where you reached climax but you felt she'd not had such a great time. You certainly won't have walked away thinking that was a great experience or that you were a partner to be proud of! Indeed, such times can leave you feeling you just don't know how to please her, and quite empty. By contrast, your best experience was most likely one in which she was not just slightly aroused, but massively turned-on.  As we discussed, a woman has the power to control the extent of a man's pleasure."

Extract 2

A woman controls the limits...

"A woman controls the limits of a man's pleasure.

Are you shaking your head in disbelief? Can a woman really have that much power? Reflect for a moment on those occasions when you found that your erection had disappeared,  or you couldn't get one in the first place; then ask yourself if your partner was really interested in sex, or if perhaps she was just doing it to keep you happy. Was it possible that she changed her mind, or lost her own excitement, and you lost your erection at the same time? If you're not getting hard when you're with a potential partner, it says something about the dynamic between the two of you. To know how to please each other, you have to be turned on. Both of you.

And as you may also know from your past, when she really wants to be pleasured, and is fully into what's happening, her increasing sensual energy can really move you both in the same direction - a positive feedback cycle that constantly increases both partners' pleasure. You may have had a time when you were giving her exactly what she needed, and you felt her energy making you more excited, so much so that you thought you were going to climax without your penis being stimulated in any way at all. If you are perfectly in tune, you can climax like this when she does even if you are not inside her, and you're not touching yourself.

There's another aspect to all this, as well: when she gets what she wants in bed, you're going to make love a lot more often. Those snuggles, those climaxes, all of them, contribute to your satisfaction and enjoyment as well; and when you have a woman who's satisfied, pleased to be with you, and fulfilled, you're going to have a much higher quality of life in general, a better relationship outside the bedroom, and better sex in it.  Here's all you need to know about sex techniques. So, if you focus on your needs, you will likely get average sex - or very little sex - and if you focus on what she wants, you will probably have a much better time and greater satisfaction and fulfillment. So it's necessary to know how you can do this; how you can meet her needs in the relationship - without "giving yourself away" or sacrificing your principles.

Bottom line: if she doesn't get pleasured, it's not great for both of you. By contrast, when she gets all that she wants and needs, it's going to give both of you a fabulous time! In short, knowing how to please a woman is part of a man's role in keeping a relationship alive."

With best wishes for your happiness, sensual pleasure, and a very good relationship!

Rod Phillips

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